Be Who You Want to be with the Artsy Lilac Pashmina!

Thinking of starting a style blog?

Well, for starters, fashion is all about expressing yourself. Today, style is no more concentrated to ornamentation only. It’s all about passion, expression and making a statement.

So, if you’re planning to start a blog and make it popular, you got to advertise who you are. Now, starting a successful fashion blog doesn’t mean that you need to turn into a spendthrift. No!

Simply with the correct accessories and setting, you can mix & match your wardrobe trousseau to create numerous authentic looks –

lilac pashmina

How? Using a pashmina!

An accessory of timeless elegance portraying authenticity and grandeur, the pashmina is a must in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Hence, uncover few styling tips with pashminas & attract numerous followers; this time going for a lilac one!

Lilac, a perfect dichotomy of red & blue, radiates an aesthetic appeal that is ideal for fashion blogs. So, look at the ways given below to express you the best using a lilac pashmina.

Pair, dress, pose & click with any lilac scarf –

  1. The proud heiress –

Representing a cool composed aura, the haughty heirless look is one ideal choice for photo-shoots. Going with the theme and the lilac shawl, the best colour to match is navy/dark blue.

Royal, thoughtful and proud navy mixed with composed mauve is ideal to elude the air of grandeur. Choose an outhouse and get clicked flaunting the V by Very Lace Skater Dress. Pair the lilac wrap by styling it in a tight bun coiffure to create the elite aura.

  1. The chic everyday fashionista –

To represent the ideal aura of a self-assured fashionista, choose a classic bold plum shade for your attire.

You can try the ultra-fashionable Infinity Plum Knee Length Dress to complement the lilac colored pashmina. Wear the scarf by tying it in a classic French knot to elude the air of confidence.

Choose a setting like an aesthetic coffee shop, and get clicked.

  1. The aesthetic beauty with brains –

Composed, serene and intellectual, represent the classic beauty with brains using lilac over lilac! If you’re in possession of a cold shoulder mauve V by Very Lace Trim Shoulder Midi Dress, this attire can work best with any mauve shawl.

Drape the pashmina over your attire like a slanted necklace to look fashionable and smart. Get clicked in a picturesque setting with a book, and you’re sure to receive numerous likes.

  1. The ethereal beauty

Representing the ethereal beauty requires playing with aesthetics and colors. Hence, to match the calmness of the lilac wrap, go for the sombre grey.

Wise and tranquility eludes the perfect air of sobriety. So, choose a cliff or the meadows to play with aesthetics and garb up in a grey flowing gown. Tie your lilac pashmina like a knotted necklace and click eye-catching shots.

That’s all ladies! Try the following looks with any lilac pashmina and upload them onto your blog. Rest assured, your audience can’t help but follow.

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