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5 Trends in Social Media Content Writing I’m So Over

I’ve been spending a lot of time on social media content writing lately.

And the funny thing about shifting from writing all day to social media marketing is that you start to realize the things that really engage you vs. how bummed you are when a content link isn’t as promised.

There are several social media content writing strategies that I really can’t say I approve of:

Overposters (literal feed hogs)

You may have heard that if you aren’t posting a few times a day on your feeds, not everyone sees your posts or will have the ability to react to you.

While this is true, remember that not everyone in your network has a zillion friends. If you are posting 10 times a day to someone who only has 300 friends (only. ha!), you could be hogging up their feed, making yourself look bad in the process (and eventually get deleted or hidden from their feeds.)

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